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Start a conversation with our friendly assistant Elora. Elora likes to keep things simple and she won't use overly complicated legal jargon. She can help you identify your legal options and explain the fastest way to resolve your legal issue on the Remedium platform. Elora is available to chat with you at anytime and unlike a lawyer, she won't charge you a cent!
Step 2

DIY Negotiation

When you're ready, we will ask you to tell us a bit more about the dispute and help you negotiate a fair outcome. You can then invite the other party to the dispute to join the remedium platform and begin suggesting ways to settle. Once both parties have agreed terms to settle the dispute, we will provide you with a settlement agreement which reflects what has been negotiated.
Step 3

Assisted Resolution

If an agreement cannot be reached via DIY Negotiation or you need some help, we will connect you with a neutral third party expert. Each of our neutrals have years of experience in dispute resolution and are certified lawyers or accredited alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practitioners.



We provide you with a clear pathway to resolve your legal issue or dispute for free. We will also provide you with access to all of the tools you need to get started right away for a low one off cost.
High Legal Fees
Most lawyers and mediators charge between $400-$500 per hour to provide their services. You will probably also be charged additional fees for ongoing assistance, room hire and disbursements (travel, printing, scanning etc).
Stressful & Complicated
Lightning Fast
Uncertain Timeframes
Limited Availability
Maintain Relationships
Damaged Relationships

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Access to justice for everbody, the way it should be.

Separating Couples
Construction Worker
Franchise Owner
Landlord & Tenant


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